About Us

Sea Ice Consulting Norway

Sea-Ice Consulting Norway (SICON) offers assistance to organizations and companies in need of expertise on the properties of sea ice and its role in the environment. The expertise of SICON includes sea ice issues within Arctic oceanography and climate, traffic-ability and offshore technology in polar regions, remote sensing, sea ice microbiology and chemistry and its role in Arctic ecosystems, as well as the physics of snow and ice in gereneral.


The overall goal of SICON is to create and communicate knowledge about ice and sea ice and its role in the environment, in order to (i) contribute to sustainable administration of resources in polar regions,(ii) reduce environmental risks during Arctic operations, (iii) increase public awareness of environmental problems in ice-covered waters.


Sea-Ice Consulting Norway (SICON) is active within the fields research, consulting and education.

  • Research & Development: Participation in R & D projects (with industry and/or the public sector)
  • Consulting & Service: Consulting service and assistance, report and review writing, data collection and analysis
  • Education: Teaching and lectures at different levels (public lectures, school teaching, university, post-graduate)







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